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Comparison : Yamaha New Scorpio Z vs Honda New Tiger Revolution vs Bajaj Pulsar 200DTS-i vs Minerva Magelli 250 Naked

New Yamaha Scorpio eventually suffered a complete overhaul as well after stumbling against Honda Tiger REVO and Bajaj Pulsar200 newcomers. Along with the advent of the latest motorsport Yamaha Byson, New Scorpio, too, to accompany the duo moge rejuvenated Byson and Mio.Although since the first Honda Tiger Revo unassailable title king motorcycle men because there are no competitors that can match it, now that more and more manufacturers wing flapping-ketir ketar opponent gets the weight of the enemy bebuyutanya New Yamaha Scorpio. 

New Yamaha Scorpio

Although the PT. YMKI has been completely overhauled, aka body armor, Yamaha engine sector was still loyal to the old machine. Like the Honda Tiger REVO still using the old engine, 225cc engine is an engine of New Scorpio Scorpio since the early generations are born and there is absolutely no technological renewal and capacity mesinya, well even though the manufacturer claims to have added a more environmentally friendly technologies so that the machine is now guaranteed more bbmnya economical consumption. So the energy released kaljengking 225cc remained as older versions of PS by 18.2.
Gapapalah though the machine has not been upgraded, Scorpio mania can still be entertained by the body is now more robust, modern and stylish. Not like the older version already look old and not going to rival Honda Tiger REVO and Bajaj Pulsar200 especially Minerva Magelli Naked 250. Round headlamps are now considered antiquated and replaced by a more attractive design as her sisters and Byson Yamaha Mio. The design curves similar tank byson muscular impression is further adds to the actual contents of the tank though smaller than older versions, the shape of a pointed stern and gambot exhaust more than the previous versions that look so cupu. Unfortunately Yamaha again not dare add rear disc brakes and a 6 speed to rival the Honda Tiger Revo. Another advantage of New Yamaha Scorpio had been taking monoshock suspension is not like Tiger and Pulsar are still loyal to the double shock.
Unfortunately the size of the front-rear tire New Scorpio is still the same as the old version so it looks cingkrang, even more "thinner" than the younger one Byson. With the addition of total body dimensions which continues to expand, weighs 141kg so any added fat, the higher the price was 1.500.000(Yamaha claims) so about Rp23.550.000, - on the road Jakarte.
Here goes the full specs:
• Price: Rp23.550.000 (estimate)• Engine type: 4 Steps, 2 Valve SOHC, Air Cooled• Diameter Stroke: 70.0 x 58.0 mm• Volume of cylinder: 223 cm• Compression Ratio: 9.50: 1• Max Power: 13.4 kW@8.000 r / min (18.2 PS@8.000 r / min)• Max Torque: 17.5 Nm@6.500 r / min (1.78 kgf-m @ 6500 r / min)• Transmission: 5 Speed ​​(1-N-2-3-4-5)• Frame Type: Double Cradle• Suspension Front: Telescopic• Rear Suspension: Swing Arm, Suspension Monocross• Brakes Front: Disc• Rear Brake: Tromol• Tires Front: 80/100-18 47P• Rear tire: 100/90-18 56P• Length x Width x Height: 2025 mm x 765 mm x 1095 mm• Tank Capacity: 13 Liters• Fill Weight: 141 kg

Honda Tiger Revo

Almost certainly all the people in Indonesia are not there who do not know ma Honda Tiger, tiger motor once named this Tiger2000 can even say "living legend" because kehebatanya keeksistenya maintain the ground water in the world of motor sport. Even before the Tiger nganggap this as a peak motor Indonesia. Despite heavy competition from Suzuki and Yamaha Thunder250 through Scorpio, Honda Tiger motorsport market is still dominated the 200cc class and above.
Now Suzuki has given up the fight serve moge 200cc and above class, Yamaha will be a live weight of the tiger 200cc opponent. If Bajaj Pulsar200 and Minerva Magelli Naked 250 does seem still far from expectations to subvert the Tiger Revo this. Honda confident the manufacturer is still using the old machines since 1996 model 200cc engine belonging to the tiger has not been changed completely, only a slight increase in technology to keep abreast of the times.
Advantage Honda Tiger Revo variant has more than the New Scorpio and Pulsar200, ie the model single and double headlight headlight, so consumers can choose according to their tastes. In addition, the surplus had been taking Tigi rear disc brakes do not like Pulsar200 and New Scorpio, love to see a smaller force than New Scorpio, Pulsar200, and Magelli Naked 250 price is still too overpriced to nearly Rp 25.000.000.
Here are the full specs:
• Price: Rp24.890.000 (OTR Jkt)• Length X width X height: 2029 x 747 x 1093 mm• Empty weight: 138 kg• Type of housing: Diamond Pattern• Type front suspension: Telescopic• Type of rear suspension: Double spring swing with tube oil• Front tire size: 2.75 to 18 42L• Tire size rear: 100/90 - 18 M / C - 56P• Front brake: hydraulic disc with dual piston• Rear brake: hydraulic disc with single piston• Fuel tank capacity: 13.2 Liter• Type of engine: 4 Steps OHC, air cooling• Diameter x measures: 63.5 x 62.2 mm• Volume measures: 196.9 cc• Compression Ratio: 9.0: 1• Maximum Power: 16.7 PS / 8500 RPM• Maximum Torque: 1.60 kg.m / 7000 RPM• Dental Transmsi: 6-speed• Pattern transfer teeth: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6

Bajaj Pulsar 200

With a design that is really different than most sport bikes homeland, Pulsar200 capable of bewitching the motorsport mania and break the boredom of Indonesia that cuman moge design "so-so" wrote. Besides design, the technologies used Bolliwood motor is also completely new and different that is using two spark plugs and 2 valve engine technology similar to the Honda Jazz IDSI. The technology called DTS-i is claimed to be the only motorcycle in the world and serves to save fuel and increase energy.
Too bad though wearing slick design and technology, India is still not moge acceptable consumer motorsport homeland, because of concerns about quality, parts, and resale price.
The full specs:
• Price: Rp21.050.000 (OTR)• Volume measures: 198.8 cc• Compression ratio: 9.5:1• Maximum Power: 18 ps• Maximum Torque: Nm 17:17• Engine type: 4 No DTS-i• Transmission: 5-speed• Frame Type: Double Cradle• Front tire: 90x90x17-49P• Rear tire 120/80 × 17-49P• Brakes Front: Disc 260mm• Rear Brake: Tromol• Front suspension: telescopic 130mm• Rear Suspension: Nitrox• Length: 2.035mm• Width: 750mm• Height: 1.165mm• Empty weight: 145kg• Capacity of tank: 15 liters
Minerva Magelli Naked 250

In price, this bike is the most expensive among the three moge above, but when viewed from the overall product, MOGE is actually affordable and very inexpensive when compared moge genuine Japanese sports such as Kawasaki ZX250.
With prices around 1jutaan adrift of Honda Tiger Revo, already can motor with specs like a true motorsport, such as the largest 250cc machine than the other contestants, a la Ducati Monster tubular frame, and motor design europe really, like the exhaust that pops up under the seat, it offers the thrill of motorsport MOGE true with the official europe cheap.Moreover, with the largest engine capacity, this British-powered moge most violent of 20.5 PS with torque 6000RPM. Well although it is still far compared Kawasaki ZX250, knowing the price adrift of the tens of millions ma moge ijo it.
Just info, land of British origin until now Magelli Naked just not armed but only 125cc 250cc machines, while still following the 250cc version. Well miss ma dong here hehe ...
Let's look at the specifications:
• Price Rp26.100.000 (OTR JKT)• Engine Type SOHC, Air Cooled with Advanced Balancer Shaft• Bore x Stroke (mm) 72.5 x 59.8• Displacement (cc) 247• Compression Ratio 10,2:1• Max Power (hp / rpm) 20.5 / 8500• Max Torque (NM / RPM) 18/6000• Gear Transmission 5 Speed• Gear Shift Pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5• Frame Type Multi Twin Spar Trellis Configuration• Suspension Front Telescopic• Suspension Rear Mono Shock• Front Wheel Rim 2.75 × 17• Rear Wheel Rim 3:50 × 17• Type Front 100/70 x 17• Type Rear 130/70 x 17• Fuel Tank Capacity 11 Lt• Height 1.040mm• Length 1.990mm• 825mm Widht• Weight 122kg


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